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Turn Testimonials into Case Studies

CopyRemix uses AI to turn your user testimonials into full case study content

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Sell More With Case Studies.

Take the testimonials you already have and turn them into sales gold.

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Simply Remix Your User Testimonials

User voices and social proof are critical for selling online in 2024. Make them work harder for you by remixing them into new case studies.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Intelligent AI Automatically Remixes

Simply paste in your user testimonials and our AI will rewrite them into longer form case studies for use in sales pitches, blog posts, or for social.

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10 Credits
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Frequently Asked Questions


Give me the quick pitch.
CopyRemix turns your user testimonials into longer form case study for marketing.

Simply paste in any testimonial you've collected, and we use AI to turn it into a case study in front of your eyes.

Each remixed case study will take 2-3 minutes to generate.
Can't I do this myself?
Of course!

You can also design and build your own aeroplane, but sometimes it makes sense to pay to make it easier and faster.

That's where CopyRemix comes in - our AI prompts are specifically set up for this use case, saving you time and producing a better output.
Is this ChatGPT?
We currently use various AI models and some other little prompting tricks under the hood to make it work.

AI is moving quickly, and CopyRemix stays on top of it all to ensure you get the best case studies from your testimonials.
Why do I need case studies?
Social proof sells - you know that if you're collecting testimonials already.

But, reading longer tailored stories about your product helps gain the trust of your users, and there's where case studies help. Keep the user reading, build up trust.
Payments and refunds?
We accept all major card types - our payment processor may add local taxes onto the price dependent on your location.

We can't offer refunds on requested remixes as it costs us real money each time.

However, you can drop us an email at, and we'll try to help get you something perfect!
What can I expect?
You can expect a c.600 word case study written up from the provided testimonial.

The AI will review the intent behind what they've written, break it up into logical chunks, and then craft a story around what they mentioned.

It shouldn't make anything up, however, in rare cases it could do - so make sure you proofread and verify before publishing (as with any AI content).


Turn Testimonials into Case Studies.

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